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Founder of 20NINETEENHello, I'm founder of Here's our story.

Back in 2006, I started my career as a locksmith tools salesman, after graduation from university.

Four years later in 2010, I had my own business, selling locksmith tools to old and new customers.

Last year in Jan. 2015, I had my own small team, running a small eBay store, and I learned quiet a lot operating a  "not so" successful cross-border retail business.

eBay doesn't allow selling locksmith tools, so my team and I started selling something else from watches to home & garden products.

Even later in Apr. 2016, we had our own store, yes of course, the Shopify store you're watching.

Why Shopify?

Shopify is the most successful eCommerce software, it's very easy to use, no web development skill required as our team knows little about it.

Our stores opened after purchasing this nice-looking, simple & clean theme.


The domain name is so strange, right?


I registered this domain name in the hope that we can insist on selling our products, both locksmith tools and those we're selling on eBay for 3 years.

Yes, it's that simple. running this store for 3 years to the year 2019!

Why a variety store?

I'm sorry I let those who are shopping locksmith supplies down.

Honestly speaking, locksmith tools is my most familiar products, I should concentrate on selling it only, but we already started retailing variety things not specified in ONE category, so... I hope you understand and please shop with ease. Thanks.

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